Q.: Are all attendees required to submit extended abstracts?
A.: Only keynote speakers are exempted from submitting extended abstracts. Invited speakers in the technical sessions and panelists are requested to submit extended abstracts (please, see the instructions for the abstract formatting via the link “Abstract Submission” in the Main Menu). Speakers will be able to submit their abstracts only after the registration.

Q.: Will my extended abstract be published in proceedings of the workshop?
A.: Yes. An online proceedings of the workshop will be available right after the workshop.


Q.: How can I register for the Workshop?
A.: All guests (speakers or non-speakers) must register in the Workshop website first. Speakers will be able to submit their abstracts only after the registration.  

Q.: Do I need to pay any registration fee?
A.: No. Registration is free of charge for all guests (presenter and non-presenters).

Q.: I am a presenter and I can no longer attend the conference. Can a colleague come in my place and present?
A.: Yes. Please, contact Professor Stephen Ekwaro-Osire (stephen.ekwaro-osire@ttu.edu) and provide your colleague’s name, email address, job title and whether he/she have any access requirements and we will substitute them in your place.


Q.: Is the organization committee able to assist with international travel?
A.: The organization committee will only provide invitation letters. However, presenters coming from outside the U.S. must be responsible to obtain entry visa to the U.S. by their own.


Q.: When will the program schedule be fully available?
A.: The program schedule will be gradually filled out as we get the confirmation from the speakers. A full program schedule will also be in your delegate pack.


Q.: Is there a Wi-Fi available at the venue?
A.: Yes. Free Wi-Fi is available at our venues. Details of how to access the network will be given in your delegate pack.

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